Alexis is an interdisciplinary artist whose work highlights the female form and figuration. Working primarily with acrylic paint, Alexis skillfully captures the essence of her subjects through a unique blend of color, lighting, and tonal values.

As a self-taught artist, Alexis has honed her craft through years of personal exploration and experimentation. Their passion for portraying the human form shines through thick brushstroke and contrasting, bold color schemes, resulting in evocative art pieces - sometimes evoking a somberness, and other times, prompting levity and brightness.

Alexis' work often delves into the subtelties of human emotions, offering glimpses into the inner world of her subjects by capturing nuanced expressions and movements.

With a growing body of work, Alexis hopes to continue sharing her art and becoming a part of a vibrant community of creatives and artisits in New York.